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McRocks Get-together, June 2004

The Sarge's Version

This was the third get-together of the McRocks members in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, and the first that I had the pleasure of attending. Rather than create a dialog here, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (with a caption where appropriate).

Thanks to Mike & Chrissy Streeter for their gracious hospitality and their generous donation to the educational endeavors of the Richard Dodrill Museum of Rocks, Fossils, And Minerals in Cushing, Oklahoma where there will soon be a display of nearly fifty mineral specimens from Western North Carolina in conjunction with a few other specimens from the area acquired on this trip.

Thanks to Wayne (#9) and Patty (#10) for all of their hard work and organization.

Thanks to all the members who attended and shared their experience, their knowledge, their rocks, and some even their somewhat aromatic cheeses from the north country!

I also enjoyed spending a day digging for garnets in the rain at Little Pine with Randy Mauritz, even if I did tender notions of whacking him in the head with my shovel for exclaiming "There's one!" every 30 seconds while I was struggling to keep the bank from sloughing off and burying my hole every few minutes!



Redmond Prospect just outside the adit and view of the inside.


Representative specimens collected from the Redmond Prospect : Malachite and Azurite, Cerrusite xls on matrix.


Mike and Opal at Walker Creek, about one and one half miles in on the trail, only one-hundred yards to go...yea right! Jay Loch working the tailings for Kyanite


Mike and Everett high-grading. Note the trench to the right was non-existent when we arrived... "Hey, What's that tune you're listening to?"


Mike struggles up the hill with eighty pounds of high grade matrix in his pack.

Jay Loch - "Just one more good one, then I'll go"


Walker Creek Kyanite in matrix, un-cleaned.                     Mike and Opal at Walker Falls


Brandon inside the adit at Little Pine.                                     A nice pair of Almandine Garnets


Some of the un-cleaned specimens of Almandine Garnet in matrix from Little Pine Garnet Mine.


Abernathy Mine: View inside the airshaft at track level, note the water vapor, this isn't seen with the naked eye, but you can certainly feel the cooling effect as the 62 degree air rushes out through the narrow adit, rustling leaves and offering a welcome respite from the heat. Talk about your king-sized water cooler!

Everett Harrington and Ron Maddox


Gary Maddox cooling off outside the airshaft.                     Brandon Richards on the tailings pile.


The hike back along the tracks from the Abernathy Mine.

Pic #1 from left to right: Everett Harrington, Ron Maddox, Virgil (Sgt.) Richards, Gary Maddox, Winnie, and Mary Siniard.

Pic #2, same except Brandon took my place in the picture between Ron and Gary.

The rest of these pictures will speak for themselves. Needless to say we all enjoyed this third installment of the McRocks Get-Together at Spruce Pine, North Carolina, and I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to the next one. Here's hoping more folks can join the festivity and camaraderie, and that this will be an ongoing tradition filled with friendship and good will for all who are fortunate enough to attend.

For those who can get together in other parts of the country, south, west, north, remember we are part of a family of rock-hounds and friends who share a passion for the hobby, the people, and natural wonders. Always remember to share this passion with others wherever you go. The future of our hobby rests in your hands.

Great Food, Great People. and rocks to boot!








A few of Jay Loch's Fluorescent specimens under SWUV courtesy of his new Super-Bright







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