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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Rural Floods May 4th, 2006



These pictures were taken around 8:00am this morning. We haven't seen a flood here of this magnitude in nearly fifteen years...


51st St between 257th and 273rd E Ave, 1/2 mile west of my house - Escape Route #1, water depth is around six feet and fast flowing. We watched a large beaver swim across the road here this morning...




Oak Grove Rd between 51st and 61st, 3/4 mile SE of my house - Scorpion Gulch - Escape Route #2, ten feet of road bed missing...



 Near the top of the hill above this point a large sycamore tree was struck by lightning...

Note the split near the top of the large scar where the lightning blew out on it's way down the trunk... There are no burns on the tree, note the spiral scar where the bark was raised by the bolt.


Oak Grove Rd at Adams Creek, 1/4 mile NE of my house - Escape Route #3, note the car on the far side of the creek, water depth is over five feet here and very swift.




The Oak Grove and Broken Arrow Fire Dept. had to rescue this individual (spelled "idiot")


Earlier, another person had to be rescued one mile west on 257th E Ave at Adams Creek for pulling the same stunt.



2006 Virgil G. Richards







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